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Annette White

Annette White

Annette White

Hi, I’m Annette White. I’ve been an insurance producer for over 20 years. My whole career has been with real estate in one aspect or another, so I truly understand the whole real estate transaction. I bring a large wealth of knowledge on all sides of the process.

I love helping our real estate agents, our mortgage reps, and most importantly, our clients find the perfect insurance for their family. The most important piece of advice I like to give my clients is to make sure that they shop for their insurance. By shopping for them, I’ll make sure they have a good price, and the important coverages that they need, too.

My number one focus is to always make sure my clients have the proper coverage they need at a good value, so their family is covered for all situations that might arise. When I’m not working, I have a cottage up north that I love spending time at with my friends and family. My family is in Canada, so I love traveling to Canada and spending time with them, as well.

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